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Why buy a pizza oven designed for home use?

My kids used to complain a lot about the taste of my pizza in the past. They said that even if edible, my pizza could not be compared with the one their father bought them, when I was away, from restaurants. But, as I am a stubborn person, I refused buying them delivery pizza and continued preparing them homemade recipes.

homemadeThe reason for which I do this is that the pizza I prepare at home is healthier than the one you can buy when you eat out. I have my own favorite pizza combinations in which I include only natural and healthy ingredients that I buy from quality stores and markets.

Secondly, you can never know how trustworthy the places you go out to eat are, how they clean, preserve their ingredients, and their cooking utensils.

homemade2Thirdly, I’m quite sure most restaurants will choose cheaper ingredients, or use those that are not fresh anymore in cooking their dishes, and I want my kids to be in good health at least while they live with me. Once they move out they can choose the way they eat and how they stay healthy.

However, a while ago, the whole activity of cooking homemade pizza has been entirely changed. I have taken my pizza to the restaurant level by acquiring a pizza oven. A pizza oven is exactly what it says it is, an oven that is especially designed to cook the best pizza without you being a trained chef.

After days spent looking for one, I’ve decided to purchase an assembled oven that, unlike a modular one is already installed and you can use it once you find it a proper place. Once you purchase the oven, and have it set in the needed place, you just follow the instructions of the brochure that comes with it, and you can cook a pizza right away. My pizza oven is shaped like an old cooking oven, only smaller and with a metal structure, so it looks great in my kitchen.

Generally, you can find them in different sizes, colors and models. They function with firewood, electricity or gas. I have an electric one, as I believed it was the safest and the most convenient option for me. In addition, it fits perfectly in the space of my small kitchen and is easily cleaned.


It is hard to spot the difference until you don’t use one at home. Indeed, pizza’s taste doesn’t come solely from the ingredients you prepare it with, but from the way it is baked, a process that allows the flavors to mix and create a whole, rich taste. The ovens that are created for pizza cooking make sure that the dough is evenly baked on all sides. This way, when you get the pizza out of the oven, you can enjoy a crunchy pizza with a taste, given by the perfect combination of tasty dough and the chosen flavor. There’s no complaining from my children now, and I am able to cook any pizza I want, with my chosen ingredients and be sure they will love it anyway.