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The Advantages of Making Food and Beverages at Home?

Cooking at home is today seen mostly as a hobby rather than a necessity as it was back in the days. Around 1900, only 2% of all Americans were regularly eating outside the home. Today, this percentage is over 50%. Many people invoke lack of time, and the fact that there are so many restaurants, fast food places and other eateries everywhere you go, makes eating out so convenient that it is hard to ignore. However, there are many important benefits of making food and beverages at home that they should not be ignored, either. We will try to convince you why we think so right away.


Nutrients vs calories


8If a certain dish has a high number of calories, it does not mean that it is nutritious. Actually, numerous calories are usually the result of a lot of added sugar, salt and other taste enhancers that do not pack any nutritional value. When you cook at home, you are the one in control of all the ingredients, so it is unlikely that you will feel tempted to reach for the sugar and just add it to your dish, because it would make it taste better. The same thing goes for beverages, even if you may find this surprising. All kinds of tricks are used by the food and drinks industry to make beverages more addictive, even the apparently harmless soda. If you were to know how much additives are put in the food they serve even in the fanciest restaurants, you would be thinking twice about eating out every night.


Food and beverages are the fuel of life


9Any human being must eat and at least drink water in order to survive. It is not farfetched to say that everything we eat and drink on a regular basis represents the fuel for the lives we lead. There is an actual knowledge of how to prepare food and beverages, so that they are beneficial for our health. Some foods can make you feel better and healthier, while others can make you sick, even if they taste great. Beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, must be made according to well tried recipes in order to preserve and promote health. We do not say that you will automatically become a foodie, once you start cooking at home, but you will surely know more about food in general, and you will lead a healthier, happier life, once you start making what you eat and drink at home.


You choose your portions


When eating out, you do not choose your portions. Take a moment and think: how many times have you felt forced to eat everything on the plate, just because it was placed in front of you? Or, simply, because the food was there, it felt wrong to let it go to waste? The problem with fast food places in particular is that they serve really large portions of both food and drinks and you end up eating too much and gorging on extra calories that you could have done without. When you prepare your own food and beverages at home, this does not happen. You pick the size of your plate and, if you feel full, you can always get up from the table, without feeling guilty.


You will bond with your loved ones


There is another benefit for cooking and eating at home that may not be so obvious at first glance. Homemade cooking brings families together, and you will love the cozy feeling of having everyone around the table, sharing a tasty meal, and delicious drinks that you are proud to know you have made using your skill and your own two hands.


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