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How to cook quesadillas fast and easy?

As many others, I’m a great fan of quesadillas. I consider them to be the most entertaining type of food in the world. That’s because you can find tons of ways to cook them or even invent your own original recipe. I cook this dish as often as possible, and I always try to come up with something new: an ingredient or condiment and I seldom research the internet for new combos other amateur cookers such as I have come up with. As I said, quesadillas can be prepared using a multitude of ingredients, but some of them are essential and can’t miss from its composition.


The first one is the tortilla that you need to fry or at least heat a bit before assembling the quesadilla. However, to obtain a perfectly crispy texture and brownish color, you must cook it using an optimal instrument. Some people just use a cooking pan, with just a bit of olive oil or grill them, which gives them a nice looking line-pattern. I prefer a quesadilla maker that gives the best results and also eliminates several issues you might encounter when using a pan. My personal cooking utensil is a Hamilton Beach model, designed with non-stick materials and fitted with a locking lid.


These are, from my own experience the two most important features of such an instrument. Firstly, the non-stick material helps you cook perfectly shaped tortillas, with no leftovers stuck to the cooking surfaces. That means less time spent cleaning afterwards, but also the insurance that the tortilla will not only look good, but also taste amazing. The locking lid is a great asset as well, as it stops the filling from being spilled all over the cooking surface. Moreover, it fries the quesadilla on both sides at the same time, which shortens the overall cooking time. Though this dish doesn’t take long time to cook, ifwiskey7 you like to prepare your own sauce, cook the meat thoroughly or leave it in a marinade sauce for a while, it can take you a couple of hours to achieve a great result. In these circumstances, possessing a cooking utensil that will have your dish ready in a couple of minutes can be of real assistance. What should also be mentioned when it comes to this Hamilton Beach Quesadilla maker is that it cuts the quesadilla in six equal pieces, which will satisfy all people at the table. In addition, it will ease your job, as it is quite difficult to cut the quesadilla and avoid spilling the filling.

As this is a sizeable item, you may think it will occupy a considerable space inside your kitchen, but not this one, as it is built so that you can store it in a vertical position and leave it any place you like in your kitchen.