How to Properly Prepare for Making Whiskey at Home

Now that we are acquainted, we would like to share with you some ideas on preparing whiskey at home. Since this American alcoholic beverage means tradition, good taste, and, of course, flavor, you will discover that many people have many different ideas when it comes to making whiskey. We are not aiming for anything complicated. Actually, we think that all you need is water, yeast, grain, and, of course, a love for whiskey!


How much whiskey do you want to make?


The first thing you need to know about making whiskey is that it takes quite whiskey 2some quantities of primary ingredients in order to get just a few liters of perfect whiskey. Here are some calculations to help you decide on the proportions of your own recipe. If you want to get about 35 liters of pure alcohol, you will need 222 pounds of grain. From this quantity of grain, you will get 600 liters of mash. Mash will turn into pure alcohol, and from pure alcohol you will obtain the drinkable, delicious beverage. From 35 liters of pure alcohol, as presented here, you will be able to make about 85 liters of whiskey or about 22 gallons. That is surely a lot of whiskey!


Use fresh yeast for each batch


We are not going into the intricacies of the process of making whiskey just yet, before properly getting you prepared with all the required information. Now here is a pro tip that some of us learned the hard way, unfortunately. Do not reuse yeast when you are making multiple batches of mash. The reused yeast is simply not as efficient at turning the starch into sugar so you will obtain a weaker alcohol after you are done with the fermenting process.


More rounds of distillation mean more purity


whiskeyWhen you are making your own whiskey at home, you can decide on your own level of purity. This means that you are totally in control. The idea is to run more rounds of distillation if you are interested in getting purer alcohol. Of course, this will be stronger, but that is the main secret you learn when you are trying to make your own alcoholic beverages at home, like us.


Get rid of “heads” and “tails”


Do not forget a simple rule of great whiskey. When distilling, get rid of “heads”, which is the liquid that boils off first, and “tails”, which are what remains at the bottom. This liquid does not have proper purity and can weaken your whiskey.