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Hello everyone! We are a bunch of friends who simply love cooking and making their own beverages at home. We would like to share our thoughts, our recipes and even some of our wackiest ideas about how to obtain the kind of liquor you usually find in stores using local ingredients and your own two hands. Why are we so passionate about this? Frankly, when you buy drinks from the stores, especially the higher shelves, how much do you think you pay for the label, and how much for what is inside the bottle? You most probably have an answer to this one.


So do we. Why spend so much money on brand, instead of making our own, high quality alcoholic beverages at home? Of course, what you need most is the knowledge, and this is something that we have accumulated through the years, by exchanging ideas between us and by trying them out. It is true, that some fails have occurred along the way, but that didn’t stop us to try again and again. As one of the brightest inventors in history once said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” By applying this simple method of seeing things, we have managed to find a lot of interesting recipes that do work.



What do we like to make? In regards to beverages, we like to make our own home brews of beer at home, as well as whiskey. We do not go for alcoholic beverages, only. We also know about plenty of natural juice recipes that are great for the body and palatable for your tongue. We also love cooking, and our recipes are focused on the kind of delicious foods to be served at parties, barbecues ( with some of the best raclette grills), as well as dishes that you usually find in restaurants.


juiceWe strongly believe that you do not have to leave your home in order to enjoy the finest dishes and beverages. What you need is a bit of knowledge, and this is what we would like to share with you. From choosing the right ingredients, to the minutest tips that can turn a dish around and make it heavenly delicious, our blog will be focused in particular in helping you achieve the title of home chef without fail.


Now that we have properly introduced ourselves, we can barely wait to share with you some great methods for making whiskey at home. Stay tuned for our next post!