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6 Great Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Perfect Garden Party

Weather permitting, garden parties must be the most awesome way of getting together with friends and family and having a great time. However, they can also be a lot of work, and you need all the help you can enlist. In this post, we want to help you by offering you a few great tips and tricks that always get us going. We hope that they will help you host a perfect garden party that no one will forget anytime soon.

Go for a special garden party drink


What is a party without drinks? They are the soul of the party and they keep everyone going, regardless of whether they prefer sitting around, engaged in witty conversation or they are more active and get involved in backyard sports with the kids. Give your garden party a soul, by offering a special drink that everyone will love. A pink grapefruit Margarita, for instance, is an awesome idea, and so is Sangria, the famous Spanish drink that keeps you cool in summer. What will be your signature drink?

Keep a low profile so that everyone can enjoy themselves

Garden parties are not meant to be extravagant or sophisticated. They are the perfect opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy a pleasant time, together with friends. So, the idea is to keep a low profile. Don’t bring out the good-good china, or fancy utensils. A place where everyone will feel comfortable and at home will do. Do not necessarily go for paper plates, but, if this is how your friends will be at ease, don’t hesitate, either.

Create the right ambiance with the right music

A garden party would not be complete without music. Here is an idea that we enjoy tremendously. We have a vintage record player and we use it to play our favorite tunes directly from vinyl! Needless to say, all our friends enjoy the freedom to choose from the records we have, and the vintage player is a great conversation starter, too!

How about a nice centerpiece?


The table would not be perfect unless you add a nice centerpiece. Decorate the table as you see fit, but without encumbering it too much. After all, your guests must still be able to eat leisurely and the shyest ones should not find an excuse to avoid engaging in conversation with the person across the table from them, just because they found the perfect hiding place behind the centerpiece.

Tasty looking platters

For a garden party, food should be kept as simple and as tasty as possible. One bite appetizers and finger foods are all the rage at garden parties, because anyone can grab something to eat and move along, without actually stopping to eat for hours.

Hanging lights in the evening


It is nothing unusual for garden parties to prolong well into the evening and even the night and you should be prepared for such situations. Make sure to supply on candle lights and hanging lights, so you can light up the garden, as soon as the sun goes to sleep.